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Since 1992, Multi Software has been providing software solutions for the incoming and excursion tourism industry. Our famous Multi Travel software is in use today by many travel agencies running as a back office on Windows computers, mostly on local networks or on cloud Windows VPS. We have customers in 4 continents in more than 15 countries. Our applications are windows targeted and using Advantage Database Server from the famous company : SAP.

Beyond our Windows back office systems, Multi Software offers Internet Booking System for Agents (Web B2B applications for incoming and excursions) or representatives in case of Excursion Bookings (Android B2B application).

We also provide XML services to our clients using our Multi Travel back office.

And last but not least , our customers can attest to our support and service which aim to be at the highest level of quality.

We are amongst the pioneers of Travel Software and we offer top-notch support. Don't take our word for it, see what our clients say.

Over 0 Years of Experience

Clients in 0 Continents

Clients in over 0 Countries

"I strongly recommend this software, and also confirm the perfect support they give."

M.H. from Portugal

"professional, easy to use product - Multi Travel Software"

P.M. from Azerbaijan

"Totaly satisfied with Multi Travel Incoming and B2B booking system"

A.S. from Slovakia

"Excellent tool. It helped us to have an overall view of all of our operations. After the purchase of this software we master all of our activities."

M.B. from Samos

"Fantastic Software for Incoming Tourism that improves constantly"

N.S. from Santorini

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