Auto Booking System (A.B.S.)

The software solution for really fast booking input.

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€1.000,00* / one-time fee

Price includes the basic program.

Support: First 6 months for free, then 15% per year

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How it works

Tour Operator

Sends a file with the bookings (usually attached thru email) to the Incoming Travel Agency This file can be Text , Ms-Excel or XML.

Incoming Travel Agency

Receives the file from the Tour Operator and runs The Multi Travel A.B.S. program on this file.

Multi Travel Database

Is automatically informed with New Bookings, Amendments and Cancellations.

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How it works

Each Tour Operator sends a file (usually attached thru email) containing all the bookings of a period (New Bookings, Amendments, Cancellations) and the Travel Agency owning the Multi Travel Incoming software just runs the A.B.S. program on this file, informing all the bookings in the Multi Travel database without any other user input (pax names, arrival and departure dates, flights, services, transfers…) providing a maximum reliability and quality of the information. To be independent of the Tour Operator codification, we use conversion tables. Of course, because each Tour Operator uses its own software, we have to adapt our A.B.S. for each of them. We need to know exactly what information they can send us thru a Text file, Ms-Excel or XML.

Already existing ABS systems with following tour operators

Of course, we can develop new ABS systems for other tour operators if you need

System Requirements



Also requires Multi Travel Incoming back office to be installed at your office.


Multi Travel Incoming

Multi Travel Incoming


A desktop back office software for Windows (installed on a local server or cloud VPS with Windows Server Operating System) to handle an Incoming Travel Agency.

Starting at just
€2.606,00* / one-time fee

Price includes the basic program with a database engine for a single user.

Support: First 6 months for free, then 15% per year

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