Multi Travel Excursions

User friendly back office software to manage a company organizing daily excursions.

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Organize your excursions, declare pickup places & time, organize reservations, and print lists for travel.


Handle all necessary supplier files, see balance, debit & credit of the suppliers and print supplier accounts.

Tour Operators

Different commission levels for Excursions, handle files, see balance and print accounts.


Easy reservation booking, bus filling, see a pick up list and inform paid reservations.

Tickets & Vouchers

Handle files, see ticket stock for each salesperson, ticket list, ticket liquidation and cancel or void tickets.


Print sales people's accounts, set different commission levels per excursion, and handle files.


Follow the commission given to salespeople and tour operators.


A great number of reports help follow excursion activity & statistics.

More Features


  • Automatic Expenses Generation (Standard expenses per excursion)
  • Contracts with the Suppliers
  • File Handling
  • Expenses for each Excursion


  • Per Excursion
  • Per Salesperson
  • Per Tour Operator
  • Excursions sold / Resident pax



  • Print Invoice to laser printer with company logotype
  • Print Invoice to dot matrix printer with tax signature
  • Invoice per Excursion (charging the office)
  • Invoice per Tour Operator
  • Check not invoiced reservations
  • Cancel Invoice

Excursion Packages

A package contains many excursions, each excursion of a package can have a discount percent so that you can make a package of five excursions where the cheapest is free or a with a 40% discount on two of them or any other combination. A package reservation will automatically generate as many reservations as necessary.

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