Incoming Web B2B

Online bookings thru a beautiful and easy web interface for your partners using the allotment of rooms given in Multi Travel Incoming.

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User name and password required for each partner.

Search Engine

With filters on country, region, area (or city), hotel, amenities, stars and price range.

Pictures Gallery

Automatic pictures gallery of the selected accommodation.

Detailed Information

All hotel and rooms detailed information shown as input in Multi Travel Incoming (hotel amenities, attractions, locations, recreation amenities, swimming, etc.

Instant Price Computing

Based on room, number of adults , children ages and selected meal plan.


Possibility to send a request if the room is not available at the selected period.


Possibility to add arrival and / or departure transfers to the booking from all places (airports, ports,…) declared for the selected accommodation and with the different transfer types available in the specific area of the selected hotel (bus, shuttle, taxi,…)


Report of the internet bookings done by the partner.


Transfers Module

Allow your partners to also book for transfers to / from the selected hotel (from airport or port declared in the hotel), he will declare transport details (flight, ferry,…) and select his transfer type (bus, taxi, etc.) , prices automatically computed and added to the booking.

Handling Fees Module

In case you charge handling fees to your partners for the internet bookings, this will be done automatically and added to the bookings.

Excursions Module

Allow your partners to also book for excursions (declared as Multi Travel Incoming suppliers), prices automatically computed and added to the booking.


Multi Travel Incoming

A desktop back office software for Windows to handle an Incoming Travel Agency.

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