Multi Travel Incoming

A desktop back office software for Windows to handle an Incoming Travel Agency.

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Input suppliers (hotels, restaurants, transport, cruises, guides, etc.) & contracts with prices per seasons. Add special offers & early booking offers.

Tour Operators

Input as many tour operators as you want, and have different prices for each one if needed.


Handles the allotment and commitment rooms and provides a booking plan for each hotel individually and for each specific contract.


Easily handle contract files, copy contracts from one tour operator to another and check prices.


Parameters include supplier categories, service types, discount categories, invoice types and more.


Transfer prices for tour operators, bus/taxi suppliers. Easy Bus or Taxi filling and more transfer options.


A great number of reports help follow travel agency activity & statistics.


Issue invoices and check supplier invoices in the Cost Control system

More Features


M.L.S. Multi Languages, System, Easy Change of the display language. In the same network, you can have computers using the software in different language, User Rights, Password for each user, Change Company (year) on the fly, E-mail Support



  • Print Invoice to laser printer with company logotype
  • Print Invoice to dot matrix or laser with tax signature according to greek law
  • Invoice Handling fees , services and transfers together or separately
  • Invoice per booking - Invoice per booking date , arrival date , departure date or starting services date
  • Check not invoiced services
  • Cancel Invoice

Adminstration Fees

  • Incomes and Outcomes of a Tour Operator hosted at your office : (Office rental , phone cost , fax cost , Tickets sold …)
  • Categories of fees
  • File Handling (Incomes , Outcomes)
  • Administration fees Printout


A package is invoiced to the tour operator for a total amount , but it contains many services that are supplied by different suppliers * A booking package will automatically generates as many booking services as necessary

Combined Transfers

  • Easy selection of transfers of different flights , by transfer order , flight or area
  • Fill them in a bus or taxi
  • Print transfer orders
  • Print Combined transfers
  • Automatic creation of extras transfers

Quotation System

  • Easy selection of the suppliers (1) per country , region , city (2) per category (hotel, excursion ,...)
  • Automatic cost computing
  • Possibility to input manual prices and even services without contracts
  • Automatic or manual description of the supplier. Check availability of all services according to the allotment of supplier and tour operator
  • Print the offer: Print the quotation with all the proposed services or only with the selected services, Select to print totals or not, Print until 3 pictures of the suppliers
  • Transform a validated quotation to a booking
  • Follow the quotations according to their status(pending, released , booked , cancelled)
  • Multi Currency System

Guarantee Rooms (Commitments)

  • Input the total guarantee rooms you have for each hotel per period
  • Input the guarantee rooms of a hotel for a tour operator per period
  • Print the guarantee contract for a tour operator
  • Check the repartition of the rooms per tour operator
  • Print the guarantee rooms for all hotels by month (allocated , booked or available)
  • Print the yearly guarantee rooms for one hotel (allocated , booked or available)
  • Handle the guarantee rooms per hotel and / or tour operator
  • Variable quantity of rooms in allotment per period

Accounting Connection

Export the economic movements (Debit / Credits) from Tour Operators, Suppliers and Salespeople (invoices, payments, …) to an external General Accounting Software (Singular, Unisoft, …)

Markets and Tariffs

  • Market Contracts by Supplier
  • Prepare Tariffs for Prospects adding a percent or price on cost
  • Possibility to transform these tariffs as contracts when the prospect becomes a client
  • Possibility to print a list of offers and send it thru email
  • Possibility to apply the offers to many Tour Operators

Variable Allotments (included in Guarantee Rooms Option)

  • Input the total allotted rooms you have for each hotel per period per room type
  • Input the allotted rooms of a hotel for a tour operator per period
  • Check the repartition of the allotted rooms per tour operator
  • Handle the allotted rooms per hotel and / or tour operator

Early Booking Follow

  • Keeps track of each early booking and special offer used by each booking
  • Provides a report giving for each supplier a detailed analysis with all bookings in each early booking with the amounts to be paid at the agreed payment date.
  • Provides a report with the early bookings amounts due for each month for each tour operator.
  • Provides a report with the early bookings amounts due for each month for each supplier.
  • These reports can be done on cost prices or on sell prices, for suppliers or tour operators.

Official Contracts

  • Versioning system with partners names and dates for each version of the contract
  • Automatic save of a PDF version each time you create a new version
  • Possibility to ‘lock’ a contract
  • Possibility to print an official contract with all the detailed of the contract and place for signatures
  • Print contract either for Supplier – Agency or for Tour Operator – Agency

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